Its a pleasure to meet you,

Hello all and welcome to our blog! My name is Dorothy Desty, I am a registered nurse with a specialty in Emergency Medicine. I officially became a nurse in the year of 2012 with my ADN and then went on in 2013 to earn my RN-BSN. Like many of you I have experienced nursing burnout and this was after about 4 years into nursing. I started feeling unfulfilled, like something was missing. I wanted to travel but wasn't making enough in Florida. They DO NOT pay well AT ALL! I finally looked into travel nursing I always wanted to visit California and I learned that they were the highest paying on the West coast. So I did just that... and its changed my life for the best! It gave me financial freedom, and allowed me to fulfill my dreams of seeing the world. After ONE year I had seen 5 countries on my own, learned new languages, ate new foods, explored new cultures I never would have before, if I had stayed in my comfort zone back in Florida.  I want to show nurses from all over the world doing things they love away from the bedside. Traveling the world, giving back to the community, learning, teaching, and building a life of their dreams. So, where we going next? 

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