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Meet Monique "Nurse Mo" Doughty

I started following "nurse Mo" back when I was nursing school in 2012. She radiated this vibrant energy and embodied everything that I believed in. I mean here is this young, successful, black woman accomplishing things such as public speaking, building a brand for herself and still living life while doing it all and all of it with class I might add. I look up to her until this day and it was such a pleasure when I got to meet her in person this year and her energy was exactly what I expected. She fueled a fire in me to start this blog and Im hoping I can be as successful as her someday. She encourages collaboration and is always down to lift up another woman, which is why when I started this blog I asked for her support and without hesitation she said yes! Mo has recently been on several solo trips internationally and I asked her to tell me about her most favorite one. This is what she had to say.


1. Why did you choose the destination you chose?

I choose Lisbon, Portugal because it is known for street art, I was approaching 30 and in a transitional space of taking my “ side hustle” to become my primary career. Art inspires me, I wanted to go somewhere that I would come back inspired. I also decided to go to Lisbon for practical reasons ; it was very affordable , had good reviews from many travelers and was only a 70 dollar

flight away from Barcelona Spain which was my first stop.

2.What is one new thing you tried or did that you never have before (a food, an experience)

I tired lots of really amazing food , my favorites were the sardines ( don't knock them until you try them) and Pasteis De Nata which is this custard pastry that will totally change your life .I also visited a real life castle Pena Palace, I took a train to get there and learned to navigate the public transportation system which was in PORTUGUESE lol. When arriving to Sintra, I trekked to the top of Penna Palace , 574ft up on a extremely windy day, but once I got to the top the view almost made me fall over in awe .

3. What did you enjoy most?

I enjoyed the feeling of being free most, when I travel alone I don’t have to worry about embarrassing myself for stuffing my face or dancing silly because these people don't know me ! I traveled here alone, I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted, when I wanted and that was liberating .

4.Top 3 things you would recommend others to bring with them?

1. Print all your travel documents instead of relying on your phone.

2. Emergency stash of cash and a emergency credit card

3. A open mind - everything else is available for sale :)

5. What did you take away from this trip?

I took away that the world we live in is amazing and that people are actually more kind than bad. There were many times that I received help with my bags , directions and even someone to spend their day off showing me around the city. When we travel to foreign places people often discourage us and scare us with the idea that traveling is unsafe . This was my 5th country traveling as a woman alone and I received more grace and love than ever before. I also learned to trust my instincts more and how to become more aware of my enviornrment. Often people are afraid of stepping out their comfort zones. I am glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and experienced this amazing country.

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