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1.Why did you choose the destination you chose?

I chose Antarctica because it would complete my travel goal of visiting all 7 continents. I hadvisited all of the others (most more than once), so it was time to put my coins together and checkAntarctica off of my list!

2.What is one new thing you tried or did that you never have before (a food, an experience)?

The Polar Plunge was a new and once in a lifetime activity for me. I walked the same beach that

the Penguins walk every day and entered the water exactly where they do. A few of the women on

the boat wanted company so five of us all ran into the water together. We ran until the water came

up to our knees and then dunked the remainders of our bodies. Yes, I jumped into freezing cold

water in freezing cold weather in only a swimsuit. They do offer this activity in various cities

including Chicago, which is where I grew up. I would have never considered this activity in any

other location but “when am I going to be back in Antarctica” I thought? Likely never.. so I

decided to leave my mark... flavor their water with a little chocolate and cocoa butter lol. It was

exhilarating and I felt accomplished after. I would never do it again, just because I feel like it

would lose its appeal. The excitement wasn’t necessarily in plunging, the magic was in Antarctica.

I have done the unthinkable in an unthinkable place.

3.What did you enjoy most?

I mostly enjoyed seeing the different ice formations and the wildlife in their natural habitats. You

are basically on a walking snow safari. I became enthralled with the daily activities of Penguins.

4.Top 3 things you would recommend others to bring with them?

If you head to Antarctica you must bring Dramamine. This is no normal cruise; it gets really

windy and you experience waves that can roll you out of bed, out of your seat and off the toilet

(true story), so it can easily roll your food right back out of your throat if you aren’t careful ! Lol

Sorry for the visual but you are a nurse... you can handle it! You will also need waterproof attire (

gloves, pants and a waterproof coat -I recommend Canada Goose if it happens to be in budget-

otherwise anything that can be used for skiing will do. Finally, you need a great camera ( I

personally found that my iPhone was sufficient) to capture all of the beauty Antarctica has to offer

so that you can bring it back to share with your family and friends!

5.What did you take away from this trip?

I took away so much from my Antarctica trip! I took away new education about Antarctica and the

wildlife that inhabit the area. I took away amazing photos and a new appreciation for the cold and

the beauty it brings. Last but not least, I took away new friends ... I hadn’t considered that I would

grow my network in Antarctica, so I think my favorite takeaway was connections with other

people... An expanded network of other crazies who enjoy traveling as much as, if not more than, I

do... people who can reminisce with me about our shared Antarctic experience and keep me in

mind for future experiences. I even exchanged contact info with another nurse!

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