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Meet Nurse CoffeenClogs!

1. Why did you choose the destination you chose?

Honestly, I always wanted to go to Bali. I’ve seen pictures in travel magazines and on Instagram and it always felt like this magical experience just waiting on me. Suddenly out of the blue a high school friend of mine asked if I can plan a trip with her to Bali for her birthday. Next thing you know I was in full plan mode, flights and all.

2. What is one new thing you tried or did that you never have before (a food, an experience)?

I tried traditional Balinese Luwak coffee. Upon traveling I was told this was a must do especially since I have an intense love for coffee. Luwak coffee is one of the most expensive coffees in the world with a retail price as high as $700 per kilo/$300+ per pound.

In any case, luwak is the local name of the Asian palm civet in Sumatra. The civet eats the coffee cherries, the cherries go through the digestive track and fermentation occurs, and then they pass through the intestines and eventually pooped out. The coffee cherries are then picked out And thoroughly cleaned before they are roasted and grounded. So, my friends and I visited a well known roaster in Bali (see in my Instagram story) that sold real wild life luwak coffee. They explained the process, and let us sample the coffee. Yep, I drank actual animal poop coffee. Go figure.

3. What did you enjoy most?

I enjoyed the peace and serenity of this vacation. It was a great vacation with friends where we each got to escape our busy lives and take a few days together to enjoy pure bliss.

4. Top 3 things you would recommend others to bring with them?

I would recommend bringing over the counter medications. When traveling internationally it’s always important to be well equipped in case you should become ill. I got sick while there but because I packed NyQuil, I saved myself from what could have been a much worse virus.

I would also recommend for ladies to bring a little sweater to cover up when out in public as the culture of Bali is much more conservative.

Lastly, I recommend lifestraw. It’s essentially a filtered straw. As you drink from it, it filters the water through various layers of chemical and natural filtration. Some of the traditional Balinese restaurants use tap ice water, and the water is not 100% safe to drink.

5. What did you take away from this trip?

I walked away from this trip feeling like my best self because I was more willing to receive the world’s many lessons, no matter their shape or size. Bali helped me recognize my shared humanity with others.

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