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NubianNurseRN Explores Tulum!

Dorothy: Why did you choose the destination you chose?

Venessa: I’ve always wanted to go to Tulum as it always looked so nice and relaxing and not as turnt as some places I’ve visited and seen in Mexico.

Dorothy: What is one new thing you tried or did that you never have before (a food, an experience)?

Venessa: One thing I did while in Tulum was visit one of the seven wonders of the world called Chichen Itza. This actually wasn’t in Tulum, it was a two hour drive, but well worth it.

Dorothy: What did you enjoy the most?

Venessa: I really enjoyed the people, food, and the night life was poppin.

Dorothy: Top 3 things you would recommend others to bring with them?


1. Sunblock because it’s hot as hell

2. A hat because again it’s super hot. Comfy shoes you’ll be walking a lot

3. Some really cute swim suits because it’s so picturesque

Dorothy: What did you take away from this trip?

Venessa: A take away is people really and truly appreciate it when you attempt to speak their language. Even if it isn’t perfect, they are always amused at what you know and will try to teach you when they see you eager to learn.

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