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Latin Nurse Teresa Tours Colombia!

1. Why did you choose the destination you chose?

Teresa: I Always wanted to go, everyone said it was dangerous but I felt totally safe!

2. What is one new thing you tried or did that you never have before (a food, an experience)?

Teresa: I tried this tropical fruit quenepas, also know as mamones, sweet yet tart but yummy

3. What did you enjoy most?

Teresa: The culture, I enjoyed the music, the food and overall the hospitality, people were very loving and friendly!

4. Top 3 things you would recommend others to bring with them?

1. A portable phone charger

2. Small cross over bag that fits your phone, camera, lipgloss for the day

3. Comfortable walking shoes

5. What did you take away from this trip?

Teresa: Don’t let others fears hold you back from traveling.

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