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I had gone to Mexico once before for my birthday! I went to Cabo and spent all my time on the resort. This time around I was invited to go to Tulum for a good friend of mines birthday. I had always wanted to visit so of course I said yes. What I didn't know about Tulum however, was the magic that was Tulum. The magic of Cenotes. This was my amazing trip.


I want to start off by saying I ate nothing but amazing food! Everything was delicious. Deep "fried" fish tacos ceviche style tuna, fresh shrimp, margaritas, quesadillas, everything was sooo damn good!


I had the opportunity to experience the beautiful cenotes while I was in Mexico. If you're not familiar with what a cenote is, a cenote is a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. Basically a "cool ass" mother nature made POOL!


1. SUNSCREEN- I can't stress enough how important sunscreen is when traveling the world. Its mandatory that you protect your skin from the number one most damaging thing out there...the SUN! I love the Supergoop moisturizing sunscreen! It's hydrating, creamy, melts into my skin and with an SPF of 40 your protected all day!

2. FANNY PACK- Throw it on put your passport, cash, and phone in it and go! Its close to your body, easy access to your things so you're not scrambling looking for your important items in FOREIGN country. Get you one!

3. MONEY- The currency for the country you are touring to be exact! You don't want to be stuck or played due to not having the correct amount and end up paying more.


I explored a place named Isla Holbox while I was in Mexico. A very beautiful small island that has yet to become as popular as Tulum which I doubt will last long. I explored it by waking up early, driving an hour and a half with my boo behind the wheel (shout out to BABE) thanks wheel man! We just went for it. We didn't hesitate to go out for adventure and thats something I take away from every trip I take. "If you go with the flow, try new things and enjoy the experience, you will have an adventure and not just a trip."

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